Travel for Goodness Business Plan

Voluntourism. We provide clients with a unique travel and cultural immersion experience.  And we showcase Indigenous products and humanitarian work


  • My clients receive a life changing experience by volunteering in another country.

Mission Statement

  • To provide our clients with a Unique and culturally enriching volunteer experience.


  • The business was licensed on the 17th of June 2019. Since then I have been building the business plan and doing market research.
  • In March I took an entrepreneur course.
  • I have started experimenting with Messenger bags (with a story) to sell on Etsy.


  • This is a niche travel company. Targeted marketing campaigns via Facebook and Twitter and news letters and emails.
  • Marketing through Universities, News, Word of mouth, Radio, Other Travel orgs
  • Target clients, Volunteer groups, tour groups, NGO’s requiring volunteers and the Bucket list traveler.
  • Monitor Government Web sites for Travel Advisories

Funds Required

  • Advertising – $30 per month
  • Print Material – $1000 for Startup
  • Business office at home so no rent or utilities required.
  • Selling Bags on Etsy.

Key Activities

  • Marketing Trips and Volunteer opportunities.
  • Interview Clients
  • Plan Their trip
  • Call applicable suppliers and NGOs
  • Support those off site charity’s sell their work in Canada.
  • Networking and Media.

Published by Kara Kallenbach

I believe in the inherent goodness in everyone. We can be anyone that we want to be. I'd rather be me

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