Uganda Ruminations

My excitement to explore everything was infectious, and Meeting my Sponsored Child Stanley was the best part. I had warned him that he would have to explain everything to me.

I had done a lot of research about what I would see and experience in Uganda but seeing it for myself was still eventually overwhelming. I always want to find the positive things around me but the poverty was impossible to ignore for long.

There is a beautiful beach next to our first Hotel. Penial Beach Hotel which was next to the Entebbe UN airport. The staff are so welcoming and helpful. After a 9 hour flight from Amsterdam I was pleasantly surprised by the clean rooms and hot shower. I soon realized that I did not have the correct Power adapter for charging my phone. The hotel Hostess was very kind and phoned a friend to bring me the appropriate adapter…. for a price…of course. In the next few days I was to find out you could get anything for a price.


These are the list of hotels with links I experienced while in Uganda:

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